Unistar LC d.o.o.


The company Unistar LC has one of the longest traditions among the companies in the field of information technology in Slovenia, as it has been present on the domestic market since 1989. With experience, knowledge and partnership relations with international companies in the field of information technology, Unistar LC has managed to create a broad circle of satisfied customers, who have managed to build effective IT systems through our support.


Overall solutions with added value


The company Unistar LC is engaged in designing, developing, installing, maintaining and outsourcing of all kinds of ICT solutions and services. Those solutions enable our clients to achieve the best possible results in their business field. We provide these clients with overall solutions, adapted to their needs and requirements, ensuring they comply with best practices and knowledge, we connect technical and substantive knowledge into a user friendly IT environment.




Cloud computing is a new model in computer science, in which dynamically extensible and highly virtualised computer resources are available to users/clients as a service over the Internet.

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Data Centre

Unistar’s data centre is one of the most modern data centres in Slovenia. It is a high-performance and energy-efficient IT environment.

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The technology of virtualisation has enabled a steep rise in the efficiency of server environments.

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Security Management

The system for Information Security Management (hereinafter referred to as SUVI) is a solution with which we solve the challenges of information security.

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The company Unistar LC also offers its clients the regulation of communications, where certified professionals with more than ten years of experience ensure the implementation of solutions.

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